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Our commercial proposition

Assumptions and Disclaimer

Client – Energy Strat Asia relationship

  • Clients of Energy Strat Asia shall ensure strong senior executives’ buy in and commitment throughout the contracted period through timely communications and recognition of milestones achieved. Decisions will be made promptly and communicated through the client’s appointed contact point

  • Clients of Energy Strat Asia will be responsible for any contractual relationship with third parties and for ensuring that such third parties cooperate with Energy Strat Asia

  • The scope of these packages as documented in this price plan shall remain unchanged, except as the parties may mutually agree in writing

  • Clients shall provide Energy Strat Asia with access to its personnel and facilities sufficient for Energy Strat Asia to fulfill its obligations hereunder

  • All Services and Deliverables submitted to Client for approval shall be deemed accepted if, within ten (10) days after delivery, Client has not provided Energy Strat Asia written notice specifically identifying any basis for not approving the Services or deliverables

  • Relevant Client personnel shall be available for discussion, interviews, meetings, and workshops with a reasonable advanced notice

  • All relevant data and documentation shall be made available in timely manner for Energy Strat Asia to complete the work

  • All project materials and deliverables will be developed and maintained in English. Applicable law is Singapore.


  • We aim to deliver based our fees in this price plan which we will map to our understanding of your requirements. Should your requirements change or should you require support in other areas, we would be pleased to amend our scope and provide a fee estimate accordingly. Our proposed fee is based on the indicative scope of work presented and the degree of responsibility, experience of the project team and estimated time necessary to deliver the scope of work

  • Our proposed fees do not include out-of-pocket expenses (travel, accommodation, printing, postage, etc.) and any relevant taxes including withholding taxes, which will be billed as incurred and at prevailing rates upon completion of the project

  • Clients shall be billed monthly unless agreed otherwise e.g. for annual plan

  • Clients who exit the service shall agree that all services have been fully provided and deliverables accepted

  • Termination is by 3 months’ notice by either party

  • Energy Strat Asia may cancel this contract at will if it detects illegal or immoral business practices

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