Our Pricing plans

Three Value Packages allow for flexibility in the Scope of Work plus bolt-on services for added value and cost effectiveness

Partner, Applied Engineering/ Manufacturing, Investor, Agency Search

Connect your value proposition to local partners and government organisations

  • Potential JV partners, agents, investors identification to fill skills gaps

  • Product and services, Sectors and markets and skills identification and matching

  • Operating model review and fit. Grant availability and negotiation

Front office function support you in market strategy and growth

  • Prospect profiling and target list development

  • CRM and sales process development, lead generation, measurement and reporting

  • Preparation of local content for pitch packs and proposal response and conversion

Sales and Marketing

Communications and Channel Selection

Back office function to support sales

  • Sales collateral and message creation

  • B2B social media strategy and campaigns

  • Trade show and conference support and lead development

  • Pre Commercial VP1 

    USD 7,500pm

    Value Packages (VP) for SMEs


    • Access to advanced tech development and manufacturing partners; development boards and agencies

    • Fundraising/ Business Establishment Advice

    • Access to ESA’s CRM

    • Campaigns/ proposal responses

    • Campaign development

    • Social media updates

  • Small Enterprise VP2

    USD 12,500pm

    Value Packages (VP) for SMEs


    • Per VP1

    • Access to partners/ agents; shortlisting

    • Operating model localisation advice

    • Grant assistance

    • Per VP1

    • Prospect-to-sale assistance/ tracking

    • Per VP1

    • Trade show representation

  • Med. Enterprise VP3

    USD 25,000pm

    Value Packages (VP) for SMEs


    • Per VP1&2

    • Board and management sourcing

    • Representation with clients, agencies

    • Investor search and pitch

    • Per VP1&2

    • Client visits

    • Proposal pitches

    • Order to cash support

    • Per VP1&2

    • Social media management

    • Sales meetings

    • Lead conversion

Integration with your existing Business Development, Manufacturing, Commercial and Sales and Marketing Departments

Bolt-on services

Future growth support when you are ready to establish a full time presence in Asia

  • Consultancy

  • Business Services

  • Client administration  

  • Consultancy

  • Business Services

  • Client administration  

  • Legal and compliance

  • IT support

  • Corporate secretary

  • Bookkeeping, payroll, GST filing

  • Human resources

  • Management and Board reporting

  Bolt-on services available to retainer clients only  

Pricing fixed, range $800-$2,000 per day on request   

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