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Growing in Asia

Turning international expansion into new sales requires more than vision and drive. Our specialised services for business development bring enhanced capabilities for success in-situ

Build local capabilities to win…

Leverage professional locally bases business development capabilities, services

…in new and culturally diverse markets…

Broader market access. Each market is culturally different and requires tailored offering

…on an international business platform…

Enablement of a dedicated platform – linked back to you - for your local business development

…that facilitates growth

A network of contacts, manufacturers, partners, investors and professional and technical service providers

  • Energy Strat Asia assists overseas and locally established companies to identify new markets and introduce new services

  • Our ready-built, dedicated business development function opens up ASEAN’s rapidly expanding priority markets

  • Customer databases are ready to leverage with locally tailored campaigns, featuring local content and finely tuned targeting

  • We identify trade and export finance opportunities, help apply for incentive schemes and find new partners and investors

  • Manufacture locally, adapt products to local markets, leverage trade and professional networks for added value and access to new markets

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